Dongbaekjeon, a local Digital currency in Busan, is now available in Busan Bank.
부산시(시장 오거돈)는 국토교통부(이하 국토부)가 주관하는 ‘2020년도 스마트시티 챌린지 공모사업’에 함께 참여할 기업을 21일까지 모집한다고 밝혔다.

The Busan Metropolitan Government (mayor Oh Keo-don) said, “Dongbaekjeon, a local digital currency in Busan that is contributing to the revitalization of Busan’s alley business, will be issued by Busan Bank card from April 13.” “The accessibility and convenience of citizens who have been unable to issue Dongbaekjeon will be further enhanced.”

Until now, Dongbaekjeon cards were only available on-site at Hana Bank except for Dongbaekjeon apps, but the launch of Dongbaekjeon cards at Busan Bank has also made it possible to issue them at all branches of Busan Bank, Dongbaekjeon apps, and Busan Bank mobile banking apps. The existing Hana Card and the newly issued Busan Bank Card can be used in parallel.

In addition, Busan Bank will provide various events, including the payment of 10,000 won to 1,000 people on a first-come, first-served basis, in commemoration of the launch of DongbaekJeon card.

Meanwhile, the cashback period was extended by 10% to April within a monthly limit of 1 million won to overcome the regional economic downturn caused by Covid-19, and the number of Dongbaekjeon subscribers reached 590,000, issuance reached 304.9 billion won and settlement reached 255.2 billion won as of April 10, thanks to the great response from citizens.

In addition, Android will introduce a full refund of unused charges within seven days from April 13, and all taxis will be able to pay before the end of April. However, the Dongbaekjeon card issued through Busan Bank can be paid in all taxis in May.

Busan city officials said, “This time, the local Busan Bank will launch a ‘Dongbaekjeon’ card, which will allow more citizens to benefit from the Dongbaekjeon, Covid-19 will be a great help to local small business owners who are struggling,” he said.

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