Northern Data and SBI Crypto to strategically cooperate in areas of applied blockchain technologies
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Northern Data AG and Whinstone US Inc., announce a strategic cooperative relationship with SBI Crypto Co., Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of SBI Holdings Inc. in the areas of applied blockchain technology.

SBI Crypto will be one of the first enterprises hosted at Whinstone US’ new data center in Texas being delivered from March 2020. In addition, both parties have further identified other areas of strategic development, including projects relating to blockchain technology infrastructure and joint software development and deployment. SBI Crypto is also positioned for potential equity participation in Northern Data.

SBI Crypto is dedicated to crypto mining-related operations and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Japan’s SBI Group. The SBI Group is a leading online financial services conglomerate that has been building out its Fintech 2.0 ecosystem since 2016 through in-house development and acquisition of innovative technologies and businesses, including its Japan-licensed digital asset exchange, various wallet and key management technologies, cybersecurity, interbank settlement platforms, and crypto-related mining businesses.

“We are very pleased to have SBI as a great partner and one of the leading international financial and technology holding companies by our side,” said Aroosh Thillainathan, CEO of Northern Data AG. “With its activities to date, SBI Holdings has impressively demonstrated its leadership in the emerging crypto and blockchain industry. This partnership gives us the potential to grow even faster by joining forces.”

“We have been planning with Whinstone and Northern Data for the Texas mining farm since early 2019,” says Carson Smith, CEO of SBI Crypto. “I am excited to see the results and to see a continuing strengthening of our relationship that will benefit the ecosystems we are creating.”

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